Our approach

Our starting point is that we will develop our services in collaboration with those who will benefit from them.

User Centred Service Design

Service design is about working with users to develop or improve a service that helps them to do something, whether that’s seeing a GP, getting planning permission to build an extension or getting a school place for their child. It’s about building those services based on the needs of the people who will use them. Service design is working out which activities need to go together, making sure they meet user needs, and rebuilding them so that they do. This will form the basis of our approach and is fundamental to improving the public services that are provided to the people of Wales.

We’ll be adding content on service design including case studies and blogs from our work through our blog pages.

Incremental delivery

Our delivery approach adopts the best practice methodologies set out in the UK Government’s Agile approach to project delivery. This means following an iterative or incremental approach, adjusting as we go along always focusing on delivering solutions that meet the needs of the users of the service. Read about our approach.

Good practice and sharing lessons learnt

We want to learn from what works, and what doesn’t to bring the best of digital change to Wales. Organisations and individuals will be at different stages in their digital capability and how they design and deliver public services. The opportunity to share knowledge, approaches and ideas will allow colleagues across the Welsh public sector to share and learn from each other and improve the services they deliver.

As well as building communities of practice across digital skills, we will also be working with structures and networks already in place in Wales and engaged in supporting Wales specific legislation such as the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 and the Environment (Wales) Act 2016.

View our current case studies and events.