Updates and discussion on the development of user-centred services in Wales.

What is a multidisciplinary team?

An MDT is greater than the sum of its parts because each team member’s strengths combine in a holistic solution – but it needs the authority to make real decisions.

Wind turbines offsore

‘Tech net zero’ – so what does it mean?

The team examining technology’s role in reaching Wales’s climate goals needed a way of explaining their title.

What does good digital training look like?

Tell us how our Agile and user-centred design courses can better meet your needs.

How to make procurement docs people understand

To create healthy competition among a more diverse pool of providers, CDPS has started to rethink the design of the documents we use to procure goods and services.

‘It’s a right pain to take a screenshot’

In alpha, the Sport Wales grants service team evaluated 4 prototypes with participants who had previously applied for community sport funding.

Tech net zero – start by understanding the problem

Is it about reducing tech’s carbon footprint – or tech reducing the public sector’s footprint. Or could it be both?

What is a ‘user’?

Users aren’t just the public – anyone involved directly in a service needs it to ‘just work’.

CDPS awards tech net zero discovery contract

Digital agency Perago and the science park M-SParc join forces with Centre for Digital Public Services to investigate how technology can support Wales’s climate aims.

Words with purpose … a text service to meet user needs

It’s not only the technology that matters, user research and content design are also essential.

Once upon a time … on an Agile service team

Stories are not just for bedtime, a Sport Wales digital grants project reveals – they’re essential for meeting real users’ needs.

Bridging the digital divide in Wales

A directory of organisations helping to get Welsh people online will improve the outlook for many who are already disadvantaged.

‘Hubs’ a halfway house between office and homeworking

Some would just need shared remote workplaces occasionally, while for others quiet and confidentiality are top priorities.