Building skills and capability in Wales

1 February 2021


To really transform the way public services are delivered in Wales we need to ensure the Welsh public sector has the skills, capability and confidence to deliver digital services that meet the needs and expectations of the people of Wales.

Building skills and capability is a key part of our work at CDPS and we need to know what is needed and why.

Understanding training needs 

As part of the discovery, we conducted in 2019 we found that there was no single, definitive understanding of what ‘digital’ means and that not all leaders have the knowledge and skills to implement a digital strategy. 

Surveys are great for telling us what is happening, but very rarely do they tell us why as people and situations are often more complex. We commissioned Gnos-tec to conduct discovery research to dig deeper into understanding the problem, identify what skills and capabilities are needed across various sectors in Wales and what the role of the Centre could be in supporting organisations.

Who we spoke to

We spoke to people in a broad range of roles from leadership to frontline workers. They worked in central Welsh government, local government in services such as education, the wider public sector arm’s length bodies, third sector, charities and independent organisations.

What we found

The findings from this work build on what we learnt from our work back in 2019 and have also been reflected in some of the research from our digital squad discovery.

What’s the role of CDPS?

Our aim is to provide practical advice and hands on support that reaches public sector organisations across Wales. We know from our discovery work that there’s a need for this support and wider sharing of good practice. This could include:

How we’re going to do it

We’re now assessing our findings and looking at existing research carried out in this area to decide on options and priorities. For Wales to realise the vision set within its Digital Strategy, people need to be able to turn the strategy into action and we need to support them. Throughout this work we’ll be engaging with the different sectors to make sure our plans work for them.

We’ve already kicked off our leadership training, that’s now being rolled out across local authorities in Wales and Welsh government teams such as Natural Resources Wales. 

We also plan to run one of our knowledge sharing webinars on building skills and capabilities in the near future so keep an eye out for more details and we hope you’ll get involved in the conversation.

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