CDPS launches new website in public beta

Since November, a team at CDPS have been working to redevelop our website to meet our current and future needs of its users

18 May 2023

The CDPS website was built and launched in 2020. However, we believed the website could be improved to meet the current needs of our users. We decided to run a discovery to conduct further user research to understand how our users’ needs have changed since the website was built, and to deliver a website that better meets those needs. 

A team at CDPS began working with an external supplier, user-centred design company, Hoffi, who have been embedded in the team from the start, which enabled us to conduct user research and build prototypes simultaneously, without the need to run a discovery, and then go out to procure a website developer at a later stage. 

During discovery, we looked at any improvements that internal and external users would like to see made to the website through user research. This was then categorised, scored and a backlog of priorities was created.   

During alpha, we created prototypes of the new website to enable further feedback from our stakeholders and user groups, which helped further prioritise improvements. We also began to work with the Welsh Government Global Experience Language (GEL) team on design standards, accessibility and content structure. 

During beta, we have implemented a number of improvements and created our minimum viable product – which is now ready to enter public beta (where we will ask users to test out the website in its full form and give us feedback before the official launch). 

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If you want to learn more about this project, watch our show and tells or visit our Notion site.

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