Creating a digital Wales — knowledge sharing

3 December 2020

Our recent webinars on the draft digital service standards we’re developing for Wales were a great way to share some of the thinking, engage with those of you working to deliver public services in Wales and inform our work. Working in the open and sharing thinking, ideas and good practice are fundamental principles of the way we work at CDPS. We want to engage and support as many people as we can as we help improve the delivery of public services in Wales.

We’d love to do more of this through face-to-face events and meetups, but that’s not going to be possible for a little while so today we’re launching a series of webinars as the next best thing! Our knowledge sharing series is a monthly webinar series where we’ll share the latest developments from CDPS along with learning from public service delivery across Wales. From user led service design, digital inclusion and agile to communications and engagement we’ll explore what’s working out there right now, where the challenges are and how CDPS can add value and support real change.

As we progress, we’ll look at ways of building networking and communities of interest around the topics we’ll be discussing. We hope these sessions will work whatever your level of knowledge. If you’re an expert yourself we hope you’ll get involved, if you’re a novice we hope you’ll be able to start your learning. They’re open to everyone whether you’re currently delivering public services in Wales or just have an interest in how Wales can become a confident, digital nation. You can register now by following the link below and we hope you can join us at our first in the series on user led service design on Wednesday 9 December at 1pm.

Creating a digital Wales – knowledge sharing series

User led service design, transforming public service delivery in Wales

Join CDPS and guest speakers Jess Neely, Ian Vaughan and Darius Pocha at 1pm on Wednesday 9 December when we’ll be talking about how a user centred service design approach can help build better public services and exploring the benefits of a service design community in Wales.

Registrations are now open here:

Future topics will include Welsh language and digital services, digital inclusion, digital and education, digital engagement, tackling legacy technology and moving from thinking about projects and programmes to products and services.

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