Goal! Making Sport Wales grants reach further

A CDPS partnership to make community sporting grant applications more inclusive has already led to faster processing and fewer rejections

1 August 2022

Users got through the application prototype 100% of the time, feeling in control of the process © Pexels

Following a discovery phase and an alpha phase, a multidisciplinary team made up of CDPS and Sport Wales has just finished an extended 14-week alpha (which we called alpha+). This extra time let us focus solely on designing and testing an end-to-end grant application process, while exploring changes to back-office processes better suited to the needs of users and Sport Wales. 

Top findings from usability research on the prototype 

After evaluating 8 prototypes, covering 5 user journeys (eligibility, create account, application, offer and learning), this is what we’ve learned from participants in the research: 

statistics showing 4 research sprints, 12 weeks, 5 user journeys, 29 research sessions with all participants, 8 research sessions with participants who never applied to Sport Wales
The Sports Wales alpha+ in numbers

“It was intuitive, and I didn’t have to jump back and forth between different sections – it automatically led you to the next piece”  

Quote from a participant in alpha+ research

Impact of previous Agile phases  

As a result of recommendations emerging from earlier phases of this Agile project, here are some changes Sport Wales have recently carried out: 

Changes to the assessment process

Since 1 April 2022, applications are now only assessed by a panel exceptionally.

Panels used to assess every funding application. Now an individual investment officer assesses each one, unless there’s a reason for it to go to a panel.


The CDPS-Sport Wales partnership has resulted in fewer application rejections and better relationships with applicants © Pexels
Cementing partnership between CDPS and Sport Wales 

CDPS and Sport Wales’s intentions at the start of our partnership have been realised as we’ve worked together. We’ve: 

What’s next? 

The team presented its alpha+ findings and recommendations to Sport Wales sponsors in mid-June. Sport Wales is now considering how to implement the recommendations, whether related to the application process or other service or policy improvements. 

The partnership between CDPS and Sport Wales has come to an end in its current form of a multidisciplinary team, but we’re discussing future collaboration. 

If you have any questions about our work, please leave a comment or email rebecca.pudsey@sport.wales, a product manager at Sport Wales. 

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