How do we become ‘user-centred’? – a case study

18 January 2022

As part of our Digital Landscape Review, we’ve been speaking to organisations right across Wales. 

In this blog post, we’re sharing the experience of The National Library of Wales on their journey to become more ‘user-centred’. 

Dr Dafydd Tudur, Head of Engagement and Digital Content explains: 

“To become more user-centric in the delivery of our digital services was one of the main aims of The National Library of Wales’s Digital Access team when it was formed in 2015 and, in seven years, our approach has been transformed.”

Here are five tools and practices that have been used to gain a better understanding of our users and improve how they experience our services. 

A willingness to explore, experiment, reflect and learn has been key to the introducing these changes to our way of working. We’re always learning something new from our users and other practitioners, and eager to hear from other teams who are using similar methods or interested in doing so. Drop us a line at  

Blog post by: Dr Dafydd Tudur 
Head of Engagement and Digital Content 

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