‘It’s a right pain to take a screenshot’

In alpha, the Sport Wales grants service team evaluated 4 prototypes with participants who had previously applied for community sport funding – here’s what they found out

27 May 2022

The alpha team focused on designing, testing and iterating prototypes that covered most of the application process for grant applicants © Unsplash

Sport Wales (SW) and CDPS are working on an Agile project to increase the reach and impact of SW community grants by improving the organisation’s digital application service.

Following a discovery phase, Sport Wales and CDPS continued to work together on a 12-week alpha phase, which finished in mid-January 2022 – this blog post presents the findings from that phase.

Understanding navigation

As the alpha team sized the work, the development team realised we could not meet the original scope. We agreed with the project sponsors, Sport Wales and CDPS, to concentrate on:

‘For someone who is not tech savvy it’s a right pain to take a screenshot, then attach [it]’

A user commenting on the existing Sport Wales application process

Digital skills scale

We evaluated 4 prototypes in 15 sessions with participants who had previously applied for Sport Wales community investments or grants. We learned that:

‘These questions feel like they fit rugby clubs and football teams. They don’t fit so well with us’

A grants service user comments on existing service questions

What’s next?

The development team presented the alpha findings and recommendations to Sport Wales in January, alongside a proposal for the next stage.

‘If we hadn’t had the funding … the club wouldn’t be in existence’

A Sport Wales funding recipient

The team are now in an extended, 14-week alpha phase (which we’re calling ‘alpha+’) to design and test an end-to-end grant application process. This will also include testing back-office processes to see if they are better suited to the needs of users and Sport Wales.

Found a grants service that works – digital or otherwise? Tell us in the comments below. And if you’re a sporting body that would like to get involved in Sport Wales service development, drop us an email

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