Knowledge sharing – building capability in Wales

24 February 2021

Join us for our next knowledge sharing webinar when we’ll be looking at digital skills and capability.  

Over the last twelve months many of us have seen a significant shift in how and where we work, how we deliver services and how we go about our day-to-day life. 

Digital has been a key enabler to this and allowed us to react and respond at a pace that has been surprising and celebrated. But this doesn’t mean that the change has come easily. For some people it has been a challenge to work in new ways on new platforms. For some it has been a case of shifting old ways of doing things and trying to replicate them on a digital landscape. For others it has been even harder and has exposed the gap between those who are digitally literate and those who are not, and those who are able to access digital infrastructure and those who cannot. 

From schools to workplaces, how do we support today’s workforce while creating the workforce of the future? What support should we make available to those delivering public services in Wales to give them the skills and knowledge not just to do their jobs as they have always done, but to adapt and improve the way they deliver public services? 

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Join us from 1 – 2pm on Wednesday 10 March for the fourth episode of the knowledge sharing series when we’ll be joined by Professor Tom Crick, Simon Renault and Jo Carter who will be talking about digital skills in Wales, the focus for public service delivery and some of the things already happening to build capability. Register now to join the conversation:

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