Knowledge sharing – building multidisciplinary teams

19 October 2021

Join us for our next knowledge sharing session where we will be exploring the importance of multidisciplinary teams.

Our Digital Service Standards state:

‘Teams are how we build services for Wales. Each one should be a diverse mix of people, experience, expertise and disciplines.’

This session will cover:

We are delighted to welcome Dragos Leonte (Scotland’s Digital Transformation Service) who will showcase how they are using multidisciplinary teams to develop their Cloud First programme. 

Lesley Jones (Welsh Nursing Care Records) and Frances Beadle (Digital Health and Care in Wales) will cover how they have worked as part of a multidisciplinary team to digitise nursing care records, and the positive impact this has had. 

Ann Kempster (Head of Delivery, CDPS) will outline the skills and training needed to develop multidisciplinary teams and how our work is supporting this.


Tuesday 2nd November, 1pm

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