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27 January 2021

In December, the Welsh Government launched a series of blog posts asking for feedback on the new draft Digital Strategy for Wales.

The new strategy will help ensure people in Wales experience modern, efficient and streamlined public services and at the same time will stimulate innovation in the Welsh economy.

Six missions

The strategy is built around six missions:

Digital services: to deliver and modernise services to a common set of standards so that they are simple, secure and convenient.

Digital economy: driving economic growth, productivity and resilience by embracing and exploiting digital innovation.

Digital skills: creating a society and workforce that is efficient, informed, collaborative and able to interact securely in a digital world.

Digital inclusion: to equip people with the motivation, access, skills and confidence to engage with an increasingly digital world, based on their needs.

Digital connectivity: that services are supported by fast and reliable infrastructure.

Data and collaboration: improve services by working together, with data and knowledge being used and shared.

In the next event in our next knowledge sharing webinar, we’ll be discussing the purpose of the strategy, the six missions and how the outcomes will be delivered. We’d love to get your input, feedback and ideas.   

Register here 

Join us from 4 – 5pm on Wednesday 10 February for the third of our knowledge sharing series, when we’ll be joined by Deputy Minister for Economy and Transport, Lee Waters, Chief Digital Officer for Welsh Government, Glyn Jones and Interim Chief Executive of the Centre for Digital Public Services, Sally Meecham. Lee, Glyn and Sally will be talking about the new Digital Strategy for Wales and how the Centre will be supporting delivery of the strategy. Register now to join the conversation:

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