Knowledge sharing – making the right technology choices

26 May 2021

Join us for our next knowledge sharing webinar when we’ll be looking at technology and how public sector organisations in Wales can make the right tech choices.  

As we continue our work to create Digital Service Standards that are common across all public service organisations in Wales, we’ll be talking about technology choices and what’s needed to support better public service delivery. Our Digital Service Standards say: 

‘We should make technology decisions that help teams do their work and deliver. We should always aim to use the simplest, most appropriate tool, and avoid vendor lock-in to specific technologies. 

Teams should be empowered to use the tools that work for them, and encouraged to consider tools that meet open standards, are cloud-based, and that have widespread adoption and support. ‘ 

How do we make that a reality? Where is this already happening and what are the blockers where it’s not? 

Register here  

Join us from 4 – 5pm on Wednesday 9 June for the 5th of our knowledge sharing series when we’ll be joined by Dai Vaughan, CDPS advisory panel member, Sam Hall, Local Government Chief Digital Officer and Mike Ogonovsky, Chief Digital Officer, Aneurin Bevan University Health Board who will be talking tech choices in Wales, the focus for public service delivery and sharing some of the things already happening to support better technology choices. Register now to join the conversation:

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