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21 December 2020

Our user research with public sector employees in Wales told us that 

Welsh language content in Welsh digital services shouldn’t simply be a matter of translating English content into Welsh. Direct translation might be technically accurate but can sound odd to Welsh speakers, who would often phrase things differently. We need to understand how Welsh speakers engage with public services and how services can be designed to meet their needs and promote the Welsh Language. 

Digital Service Standards 

That’s why we’ve included promotion of the Welsh Language in our Digital Service Standards, the standards we’re asking all public services in Wales to meet. 

Promote the Welsh language – services in Wales should meet the needs of people who use the Welsh language in their everyday lives. Teams should design and build services that promote and facilitate the Welsh language and treat users who speak it equally with those who prefer English.’ 

When we first published our draft standards there was some debate as to whether Welsh language requirements should be called out separately or whether they actually just fall under ‘user need’. This standard is about really understanding the needs of people using public services in Wales, and the majority of people felt that it was right to have a standard that specifically focuses on ensuring the Welsh language is embedded into the way services are designed and delivered. 

Register here 

Join us on Wednesday 20 January from 4 – 5pm when we’ll be joined by Alun Shurmer, Customer Strategy and Engagement Director at Dwr Cymru Welsh Water and member of our advisory panel, Jeremy Evas, Welsh Language Division, Welsh Government and Heledd Evans, Digital Services Manager, Natural Resources Wales to consider how public services can help promote the Welsh language and meet user needs. You can register here:

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