Knowledge sharing – user centred design

29 November 2021

Join us for our next knowledge sharing webinar when we’ll be exploring user centred design.

Our third Digital Service Standard states: 

User needs should drive service design, whoever those users are. User needs matter more than the constraints of business structures, organisational silos or technologies.  

This session will cover: 

We’ll hear from Amelia Still, a user researcher working with the CDPS Skills and Capability team. She will talk through the role of a user researcher in user centred design. 

We will then hear two case studies on how they have approached user centred design for the services they run, these will be: 

Dafydd Tudur from the National Library for Wales  

Tom Norman from Barnardo’s  

Register here:

Wednesday 15th December, 1pm  

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  1. Emma Jackson says:


    I have sent the link to the knowledge sharing webinar for User Centred design to other members of our Digital Design Team in Monmouthshire but I unfortunately cannot attend, is it possible for a meeting recording to be sent over to me after the event?

    Kind regards


    1. Centre for Digital Public Services says:

      Hi Emma,

      We record all of our Knowledge Sharing webinars and upload it to YouTube and to our website later in the week. Alternatively, you can subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with our work at the CDPS.