Content Design Cymru

This community brings together people who design content so that they can help and support each other to do their work and tell others why content design is important.

We want to grow content design as a discipline and position content designers as experts who are essential to delivering better public services in Wales.

Who this community is for

How we meet

The group meets virtually once a month. We use Microsoft Teams as a meeting tool.

We use Basecamp as an ongoing tool to start discussions, ask questions and share ideas.


Members of the community should always treat each other with respect. 

Members should be:

We don’t record our regular virtual meetings.

It is a safe space for content designers to openly discuss their challenges. Members should respect that others may be sharing problems in confidence. 

If we choose, as a community, to share what we have been discussing, we won’t talk about who said what.

Join the content design community

The community is voluntary and is always open to new members.

If you would like to join this community, email Osian Jones, Senior Content Designer: