CDPS year in review 2021–22: tech architecture


5.7 Activity: Develop a modern technology architecture

We said we’d undertake actions to develop and gain assent for a modern approach to technology architecture

Technology architecture means the software and hardware capabilities underpinning digital services. Without modern technology architecture, the Welsh public sector can only design user-centred digital services in a very limited way – if at all.

CDPS has used the Digital Landscape Review to identify the current IT infrastructure in use across the Welsh public sector. This is a first step to prioritising legacy systems for change. We are hiring a Head of Technology in 2022-23 to take this work forward.

5.8 Activity: Map digital inclusion

We said we’d gather insight into digital inclusion activities across Wales and make recommendations based on findings

Digital transformation in Wales will fail to the degree that it leaves some people behind. CDPS’s digital inclusion mapping project, carried out on behalf of the Welsh Government, picks up on a particular thread of the Digital Landscape Review – how accessible digital public services are to all residents of Wales. 

The goal of this project is to produce a directory of digital inclusion activity across Wales. The directory will give us an opportunity to spot similar inclusion activities and see if they could be joined up. Along with CDPS, the project’s main stakeholders are Welsh Government Prosperous Future and the Digital Inclusion Programme Board.

5.8.1 Digital inclusion: a detailed view

CDPS mapped digital inclusion activities in Wales across each area of the project’s scope:

The digital inclusion team spoke to 18 organisations about how they were improving digital inclusion in Wales. From this and further research, they created a single directory covering digital inclusion activities in Wales over the past 2 years. The directory will allow people to find inclusion activities in their area and see what other parts of the country are doing.

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Bridging the digital divide in Wales

5.9 Activity: Support Welsh SMEs

We said we’d undertake actions to support Welsh SMEs to develop digital public services to the highest standard

A prosperous Wales

Working in the same cooperative spirit as it does with other public sector organisations, CDPS has partnered with Welsh small to medium enterprises in 2021-22 to develop better digital public services.


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