Dysgu trwy greu (Learn by making)

Dysgu trwy greu (pronounced duss-gi true-ih grey) runs a short experiment to explore how people learn by making things.  

It’s a digital lab giving people the freedom to think differently. You’ll learn how to solve problems in a group without the constraints that may exist in your organisation, and how focusing on users helps build better services. 

These are practical, immersive sessions to learn digital skills and make digital products and services – in the open, for real. 

What’s the goal? 

Dysgu trwy greu is: 

We want people to become confident in thinking in a ‘digital’ way and to make things in the open. 

What problems could the project solve for people? 

We know from user research that people need help to know where to start when it comes to using new digital knowledge in a practical way in their teams. 

Dysgu trwy greu gives people the chance to be part of practical, immersive lab sessions where people learn digital skills and make digital products and services – in the open, for real. One of the most effective ways to learn about something new is to experience it for yourself.  

By trying out what you’ve learned through actual experimentation, you can turn theoretical knowledge into practical skills.   

Who’s involved? 

What has CDPS done so far? 

Dysgu trwy greu is sponsored by CDPS. It has worked alongside the Skills and Capabilities team to create labs that will complement the training courses and lunch and learn sessions they’re running, as part of Campws Digidol

What’s coming up next? 

For the first experimental set of lab sessions, we’re working with Natural Resources Wales, starting on 21 November 2022. 

How does this work help deliver the digital strategy for Wales? 

Dysgu trwy greu aims to improve the digital skills of those delivering public services in Wales, part of: 

Mission 3: digital skills 

Create a workforce that has the digital skills, capability and confidence to excel in the workplace and everyday life 


Read more about the project as well as the published weeknotes and Dysgu trwy greu (Learn by making) website