Primary care discovery

The COVID-19 pandemic has only made the need for good digital healthcare services more pressing © Irwan Iwe/Unsplash

By thoroughly understanding the needs of patients and healthcare providers, NHS Wales will be able to make sound decisions when developing such services for the public. 

Who’s involved? 

Digital Services for Patients and the Public is the project sponsor.  

Users and providers of patient-facing digital systems, including My Health Online, as well as GPs and GP practice nurses, managers and administration staff are all involved in the research. 

What has CDPS done so far? 

‘Discovery’ is the first, research phase of Agile service design, the incremental approach to building services that CDPS champions. Discovery involves understanding the needs of users of a potential service – an essential step before considering ways to meet those needs. 

As part of this discovery, CDPS has interviewed the users and providers mentioned above about their: 

What’s coming up next? 

We expect these conversations to yield rich insights into what’s important to people receiving and providing primary care in Wales. Those insights will help us to build a picture of the wider Welsh primary care landscape, factoring in policy intent and other stakeholder perspectives such as those of government agencies beyond healthcare. 

That will be the context within which new patient-facing digital services will sit. Concretely, at the end of discovery, we hope to be able to make informed recommendations – balancing user needs, broader stakeholder interests and government strategy – about the shape those future services might take. 

How will this project help to deliver the digital strategy for Wales? 

Building better digital services in primary care will help to deliver upon two of the strategy’s missions
Mission 1: digital services 
Deliver and modernise services so that they are designed around user needs and are simple, secure and convenient. 

Mission 6: data and collaboration 
Services are improved by working together, with data and knowledge being used and shared. 

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