Public sector hubs discovery

We will be interviewing participants to explore user needs for remote working © Annie Spratt/Unsplash

What’s the goal of the discovery?

Find out more about the needs of public – and some private – sector staff who want to book spaces at remote working offices, ‘hubs’, simply and easily.

What problems could the discovery solve for people?

The discovery (research) phase of this Agile project is exploring user needs for the proposed service. However, as well as just helping people to find suitable places to work remotely, we expect the service would foster the kind of knowledge-sharing that goes on when people work in the same location.

Who’s involved in the discovery?

The Welsh Government’s Remote Working Team are CDPS’s partner in this discovery.

What has CDPS done so far?

We are recruiting participants to take part in the discovery, to help us to uncover user needs and requirements for the service. Participants include residents of Wales and backoffice staff of the remote working hubs.

What’s coming up next?

Interviews with participants to explore, in-depth, user needs for the remote working service.

How would this service help to deliver the digital strategy for Wales?

Public sector hubs would help to deliver upon three of the strategy’s missions:

Mission 1: digital services

Deliver and modernise services so that they are designed around user needs and are simple, secure and convenient.

Mission 5: digital connectivity

Services are supported by fast and reliable infrastructure.

Mission 6: data and collaboration

Services are improved by working together, with data and knowledge being used and shared.

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