Welsh Revenue Authority – land and property data proof of concept

The Welsh Revenue Authority’s ambition is to become a fully digital tax organisation for Wales © Tierra Mallorca/Unsplash

What’s the goal?

Build a working proof of concept to demonstrate how data can support simpler, fairer and more efficient devolved land and property taxation.

What problems could it solve for people?

The Welsh Revenue Authority’s ambition is to become a fully digital tax organisation for Wales. User-centred services, built on Agile principles, have the potential to make taxation simpler, fairer and more efficient.

We are exploring how a data platform for land and property in Wales could support geographically varied taxes. We are also considering how such a platform could be useful to a range of other Welsh organisations in local government or the third sector, for example.

We are:

Who’s involved?

CDPS and the Welsh Revenue Authority, working with the IT consultancy Kainos.

What has CDPS done?

We’ve started by:

What’s coming up?

We’ll be creating prototypes of 2 or 3 services that exemplify our user-centred digital approach and give ministers options about services we might go ahead and build.

How will this work help to deliver the digital strategy for Wales?

The digital maturity assessment and prototyping exercise will help to deliver upon two of the strategy’s missions:

Mission 1: digital services

Deliver and modernise services so that they are designed around user needs and are simple, secure and convenient.

Mission 4: digital economy

Drive economic prosperity and resilience by embracing and exploiting digital innovation.

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