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18 October 2021

In our last blog post, we discussed why we were embarking on the discovery to understand “how can Sport Wales increase the reach and impact of their community investments (grants)?”

Fast forward to the end of the discovery phase and we would like to share what we’ve learned so far.

Our methodology for discovery

During discovery, we identified and researched 3 main user groups:

Over 8 weeks, we conducted:

The team also looked at the internal needs of Sport Wales, such as:

What did we find out in discovery?

Fortunately, people were very forthcoming and shared a lot of their experiences with us. Here are some things they told us:

We have seen limitations on the current reach and understanding of community grants and we should expand our digital reach, especially to engage with those who would most benefit from receiving grant funding in line with our organisational priorities.

The team also tested the users’ emerging ‘pain-points’ with other Sport Wales colleagues and concluded that there is room for improvement on the end-to-end process, which would cater to the needs of the users, as well as the requirements of Sport Wales to distribute public funds appropriately.

We also explored any potential technical issues that are contributing to users’ frustration. Overall, the main issues of the current grants system are internal – relating to the system’s inability to display pertinent grant data in “real time” to support the decision-making process and a number of manual processes which ideally should be automated.

What did we learn from speaking with other organisations?

As part of discovery, we also gathered insights from other organisations who provide grants. We spoke with 6 public sector organisations and 7 third sector bodies and can summarise what we’ve learned in 4 Cs.


Customer service:

Connecting with communities:


Our biggest challenge during discovery?

Reaching potential users was one of our main challenges. We didn’t know who they were and knew we would have to rely on community partners to bridge the gap and help us make connections.

We spoke with 11 community partners and also 7 local authorities, who we felt may be a conduit for distributing grants or may reach/know potential users directly) and as a result, we managed to speak with 3 potential users. The conversations with them reinforced some of the feedback provided by current users and is incorporated in the needs from users.

What’s next?

The team presented the discovery findings and recommendations to the project sponsor within Sport Wales and other stakeholders, alongside a proposal for the alpha phase.

During September 2021, we’ve been preparing for a 12-week alpha phase looking at:

If you have any questions about our work so far or if you’re a community group or club and would like to be involved in the next phase – get in touch

Keep an eye out for future blog posts on the exciting next stage!

Blog post by: Sport Wales discovery team

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