The discovery phase – what did we discover?

13 January 2021

Back in August, we set out to identify a shared challenge impacting the front door of Adult Social Care across Blaenau Gwent, Torfaen and Neath Port Talbot, exploring how we could use user-centred design and digital enablers to support services. 

In our first blogpost, we shared some of our early learnings about running a rapid multi-local authority discovery: how do you balance user needs with organisational needs, strategy and constraints? How do you collaborate successfully across local authorities? And how do you start to embed digital transformation?

Now that we have completed the discovery phase, we wanted to share where we’ve got to and some of our key learnings from the first stage of the project.

What does a ‘discovery’ involve, and what did we discover?

Our discovery phase was divided into three key workstreams: 

By bringing together the findings from these three workstreams, we were able to narrow down our area of focus:

Taking these insights together, we collaborated across teams to prioritise an area of focus for the next stage, narrowing down to the specific objective of ‘How might we support residents to understand timelines and next steps when contacting the Front Door of Adult Social Care?’

What did we learn about the discovery process?

Our discovery surfaced several key learnings about the process of aligning on a common problem area across a multi-local authority partnership:

What next?

Having identified a focus area and explored some of the key aspects of the problem, the next step was to move into generating ideas for possible solutions, so that we could collectively come up with potential options and rapidly test and iterate them to develop an impactful solution. We’ll be sharing more about next stages, our prototyping and solution testing in future blogs.

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