Communities of Practice

“Communities of Practice are groups of people who share a concern or passion for something that they do – and they learn how to do it better as they interact regularly” (Etienne Wenger, 2005.)”

A key premise of our work is to provide safe spaces for discussion which allow people from different disciplines and organisations to come together and share information. Sharing experiences and learning can support a growth mindset and that building sustainable communities of practice will help grow capability and deliver digital change in Wales.

Through joining up people and organisations and making good practice easily available by sharing content and creating opportunities for communities to grow, we believe our shared capability will grow. As part of our Alpha phase we’ll be looking at what communities already exist and whether building new communities could support better service delivery.

Are you part of a community of practice involved in delivery of public services in Wales? Would you like to get involved with the work of CDPS Wales? If so, please get in touch.

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