Updates and discussion on the development of user-centred services in Wales.

a diagram known as the ‘double diamond’, which depicts the design process and the different stages that take place within it. In real life the process isn’t as neat, but the double diamond is a great way to learn and understand how it works

Digging deep: the role of design in discovery

In the first, exploratory stage of Agile, it’s crucial to represent your assumptions – and then throw challenges at them.

Phone, video, visit? Themes emerge in GP access discovery

Technology is also encouraging more young women and middle-aged men to book appointments – but GPs in short supply.

Removing blockers in beta: next steps for Digital Landscape Review

The DLR is building on alpha findings to map a path towards truly inclusive digital services for Wales.

Waste not… content needs on a hazardous disposals service

A Natural Resources Wales discovery revealed problems an environmentally sensitive industry had with digital services: alpha is about trying solutions.

Create psychological safety… and four other Agile content lessons

The Welsh Government wants to plant 86 million trees in 9 years – and plain language guidance can help.

Audio applications? Helping to throw the grants net wider

CDPS and Sport Wales have been trawling the grant-giving landscape for better ways to award funds – emerging with promising results.

Mural for NHS

What can digital do? Exploring the primary healthcare landscape

A CDPS team is on the ground talking to users of GP services in Wales about how they perceive patient-facing digital systems.

Tell us: how do we bring Digital Service Standards to life?

How would you, the Welsh public service community, like CDPS to bring digital service standards to life?

Keep. It. Simple… Content design

To do our work, we all have to read a mass of papers. Nearly all of them are far too long’ – Winston Churchill

‘When is my bin day?’ How a Welsh council went user-centred

Powys County Council explains how user-centred design transformed its residents’ experience of everything from waste services to rate payments.

Helping the Welsh Revenue Authority become fully digital

A digital maturity assessment is a fantastic way to get to know an organisation, as CDPS discovered in working with WRA.

New digital courses for NHS Wales put the patient first

Training for NHS Wales executives and technicians shows how user-centred design can lead to better services.