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Knowledge Sharing – Multidisciplinary Teams

We were joined by Dragos Leonte from Digital Scotland, Lesley Jones from the Welsh Nursing Care Record and Fran Beadle from Digital Health and Care Wales. The panel highlighted how they have worked as part of multidisciplinary teams and what they’ve learnt as part of this process.

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The role of ‘internal’ testing in agile project delivery

In this blog we will hear from the team at Neath Port Talbot Council involved in building and testing the product – a text messaging service set up to help residents track their application for support from Adult Social Services.

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Sport Wales discovery – team learning

Following the conclusion of our discovery phase, we have taken some time to reflect on the process we’ve been through and what we’ve learned as a team.

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Nursing Records Go Digital: A Case Study

In April 2021, the Welsh Nursing Care Record (WNCR) went live across a number of Welsh health boards and trusts. It allows nurses in adult inpatient settings ​to complete an online assessment form at a patient’s bedside. In a move away from paper-based form filling, the aim is to save time, improve accuracy, and minimise duplication.

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Centre for Digital Public Services appoints joint Chief Executive

In a first for the public sector in Wales, the Centre for Digital Public Services (CDPS) has announced a job share for its new Chief Executive Officer, with the appointment of Myra Hunt and Harriet Green. 

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Knowledge Sharing – Building Multidisciplinary Teams

We will be joined by Lesley Jones from the Welsh Nursing Care Record and Frances Beadle from Digital Health and Care in Wales. They will be covering how they have worked as part of a multidisciplinary team in digitising nursing care records and the impact and benefit this has had.

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Sport Wales: End of Discovery Findings

In our last blog post, we discussed why we were embarking on the discovery to understand “how can Sport Wales increase the reach and impact of their community investments (grants)?” Fast forward to the end of the Discovery phase and we would like to share what we’ve learned so far.

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Digital Landscape Review: End of Discovery Findings  

For the last 10 weeks we have been working on the Discovery phase of the Digital Landscape Review. We’ve blogged about progress along the way, but we thought it would be useful to summarise our journey as we move to the Alpha phase. 

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Knowledge Sharing – Digital Service Standards

Last week we held our sixth Knowledge Sharing webinar, focused on the Digital Service Standards and how Sport Wales tested them as part of their recent discovery work.  

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Digital Landscape Review – learning from the international landscape

In this latest post we wanted to highlight how we’re not alone in our work at the Centre for Digital Public Services. Many other similarly shaped organisations across the globe (known as “Digital Government Units”) have tackled comparable issues and we’re keen to learn from them.

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Digital Landscape Review update 3 – engaging with service owners

In this post we’ll be talking about our engagement with service owners. We’ll discuss how we’re collecting data and what we’ve learnt so far about the individual services and the challenges those who run them face.

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Knowledge Sharing – Digital Service Standards, an update

Join us for our next Knowledge Sharing webinar when we’ll be looking at the progress in developing the digital service standards for Wales.