CDPS holds online seminars on topics covering service delivery, Agile working and user-centred design.

Upcoming webinars

Past webinars

User centred service design

In this webinar, we look at how user centred service design can support public service delivery in Wales.

Promoting the Welsh Language

We discuss how design and delivery of public services in Wales can help promote the Welsh language and meet user needs.

Digital Strategy for Wales

People from across various sectors in Wales got together to find out more about the strategy and what it means for public service delivery in Wales.

Skills and capability

This webinar looks at how we build the skills and capability to support public service delivery in Wales.

Making the right technology choices

How can we make the right technology choices to deliver better public services in Wales?

Digital Service Standards

We discuss the latest developments to our Digital Service Standards and were joined by the team at Sport Wales to discuss how they’ve tested them as part of their recent discovery work.

Building multidisciplinary teams

In this session, we discuss whether COVID-19 and the move to virtual working has made it easier to set up multidisciplinary teams, the perceived barriers to working in this way and how to overcome them and advice to teams starting out on the ‘Agile’ journey.

User centred design

In this webinar, a wide range of topics were covered including user terminology, how to include the user as a voice to influence and build trust within service design and resources and advice to help organisations new to user centred service design.

Using data to make decisions

We look at how data can power better decision-making in the Welsh public sector and beyond, based on the Welsh Government’s 12th Digital Service Standard.

Content design

Focusing on the theme of content design, this webinar was aimed at comms professionals working in public services within Wales and looked at the principles for writing effective, user-centred content.

Digital Strategy for Wales – one year on

It’s been a year since the Deputy Minister for Climate Change, Lee Waters MS, published the Digital Strategy for Wales which sets out our ambition to use a digital approach to make things better for public services in Wales.

Digital accessibility

In this session we cover creating accessible documents, writing good alt text, bilingual toolkits and accessible social media content.

Understanding the link between tech, digital and the environment

The Welsh Government has set out a public sector route map which sets out key priority areas needed by the Welsh public sector to reach net-zero by 2030. This webinar will look at how digital technology can play a role in reaching these targets.

Cyber security essentials

The session is aimed at people delivering public services in Wales, as well as sole traders, micro-businesses, other small to medium enterprises and third sector organisations.

Attracting digital, data and technology talent

Our first webinar looks at attraction. This session includes statistics and insights into the current Welsh jobs market, tips and resources to help attract applicants to your current vacancies and best practice social media guidance.

Recruiting digital, data and technology talent

How do you recruit digital people into public services? Is your recruitment process accessible and inclusive? Are you losing candidates due to timelines or internal processes? We will recommend: the most effective ways of doing things, how to get the best out of potential candidates at the interview stage and other best practice and guidance.

Retaining digital, data and technology talent

In this webinar, we discuss current trends on retaining staff and CDPS’ retention strategy as well as digital apprenticeships at the Welsh Revenue Authority and Sport Wales.