CDPS alpha phase achievements and lessons learned

19 February 2021

Introduction and purpose

For the period June 2020 to March 2021, the CDPS is operating in its alpha phase, testing the findings from discovery and kicking off delivery across a number of areas to improve public service delivery in Wales.  

This paper sets out the key achievements of CDPS from June 2020 – January 2021

Our achievements

Deploying an expert squad

Our expert squad has provided us with the skills and capability to lead and demonstrate Agile methodologies and user-centred best practice in the design and transformation of service delivery. 

Key progress in this area of work has been:

Key learning points:

Building on the success of our first expert squad

The success of the demonstrator expert squad supporting user-centred, digital transformation of an aspect of adult social care has led to CDPS being commissioned by other Welsh public sector programmes to help deliver a Squad approach to help understand the user needs and the problem that really needs to be addresses.  

Current work includes:

Key learning points:

A focus on skills and capability

“Digital” and the skills and techniques, are a new way of working for many public sector staff and senior leaders. Whilst there are pockets of experienced and highly skilled staff leading the digital transformation of services in some areas of the Welsh public sector, the general lack of digital skills and capability was identified as a key barrier to the widespread transformation. 

To start addressing this we have:

Key learning points:

Working in the open

Working in the open has been our starting point for how we communicate as CDPS.  We want to share as much as we can, provide transparency and give people the opportunity to get involved with our work to improve public services across Wales. Since October we have:

Key learning points:

Setting common standards and sharing knowledge

Lack of common service standards and lack of understanding of what others were doing in this space across Wales and wider, were two of the challenges facing the Welsh public sector identified during the discovery phase. In this phase we have:

Key learning points:

Recruiting an advisory panel 

We established an expert advisory panel of 14 people who bring a vast experience of leading service transformation across public, private and third sector across Wales, the UK and internationally. The panel provides support, advice and critical challenge. 

To help build capability and support the growth of the next generation of digital leaders in Wales, we also formed an apprentice panel of emerging Welsh digital leaders. Our apprentice panel members are each paired up with one of our advisory panel members who act as coach and mentor.

Full details of the panel membership can be found here

What’s next?

CDPS has secured Welsh Government funding for the next 12 months but this is just the start of an ambitious journey to support the design and delivery of better public services that meet the needs and expectations of the user. We are currently planning for 21/22, building the team, governance and success measures that will allow us to continue to deliver at pace.

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