Updates and discussion on the development of user-centred services in Wales

How Welsh Revenue Authority is achieving better debt outcomes

A new team at Welsh Revenue Authority is focused on reducing and preventing taxpayer’s debt – with CDPS’s support.

How to produce an annual report people will actually read

Why not make your yearly account of what your organisation’s been up to a mini-website, complete with video intros rather than a picture of an executive grasping a pen.

6 ways public sector digital can help Wales hit net zero

A CDPS discovery into greener government and third sector tech spoke to public servants across Wales – this is what they found.

Applying design thinking to CDPS procurement

How to open up bidding to as wide as possible a range of providers? Make the paperwork a model of simplicity and clarity.

Why workplace communities matter

A work community can be internal or more wide-reaching, but all these groups seem to have a few things in common.

Time to renew schools’ information engine

Sports days, free school meals eligibility, social care flags – CDPS is helping to procure the crucial system that handles school management data, putting users’ needs at the centre.

CDPS research highlights access challenges to GP services in Wales

People directly affected by public-facing digital technologies – the citizens of Wales – should be involved at every stage in their design.

Can Wales harness the power of the digital age?

Six months into her role – with Harriet Green – as CDPS’s joint CEO, Myra Hunt lays out the transformation challenges for the Welsh public sector, and where this organisation can make a difference.

Which local authorities can show the digital way?

CDPS’s Landscape Review team considered simplicity, impact and sheer volume in choosing ‘exemplar’ services.

Goal! Making Sport Wales grants reach further

A CDPS partnership to make community sporting grant applications more inclusive has already led to faster processing and fewer rejections.

Shared or common? Using the same software in Wales

Public services need to find strength in numbers when it comes to digital products, CDPS Landscape Review found.

User research – or building services that help people

Discovering people’s real needs is critical to building better services in Wales – as the work of a combined CDPS-Sport Wales team shows.